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Archive for the ‘Grout’ Category

Gray: The New Beige

Sunday, December 22nd, 2013

Looking for a versatile color choice for your new floors? Why don’t you try out gray?

Gray is a neutral but is also very adaptable; you can pair gray with almost any color (try out gray and yellow for example). Gray is not overpowering but yet has the ability to change the entire look of a room. Whether you are trying to make a room look sleek and modern or classic and sophisticated gray floors are versatile for any look.

Gray is a perfect option for carpet, tile, PVC, and even wood. According to current flooring design trends (and our costumers) gray is the new beige. Stop by Champion Floors in Schertz or Universal City to check out all of our great gray products!

Cleaning the “haze” off of Ceramic and Porcelain

Saturday, October 10th, 2009

Many customers come into our store and want to know how to get what they describe as a “haze” over there tile. This is not to be confused with regular dirt that will come off when mopped.  Another question people ask is how to remove grout they accidentally got on their tile when installing floors themselves. We suggest using a product called sulfamic acid(NOT sulfuric acid). It comes in small crystal like form in a jar.We do sell this at our stores as well. You should follow all instructions on the label closely. Always test a small easily hidden spot of your floor first. One tip when using this product is after following all instructions, before your final rinse you may want to sprinkle baking soda on the floor to neutralize the acid.sulfamic acid

Grout Tips

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

An important part of any tile job is the grout. Many people have a hard time trying to decide what color grout to use. There are really two options when choosing a grout color. If you want your grout lines to almost disappear then finding a grout color closest to the same color as your tile is the route you should take. However, if you really want each tile to stand out and make a bold statement choose a grout color that contrasts your tile.

One personal tip I would also offer is to not choose a light grout. Even after sealing grout over time it will be susceptible to stains, so keep this in mind especially when tiling a kitchen.

Another thing to keep in mind when thinking about grout is how wide you want the grout to be. Each product usually gives you a recommended grout width but if you have a choice my design advice is that by widening the grout lines you’ll have more of a rustic look. If you have thinner grout lines it gives you more of a refined look.

As I briefly mentioned before make sure that you seal all grout after installation.

Below is an example of choosing a grout the same color as your tile in order to make the grout “disappear”.