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Archive for the ‘Wood’ Category

Floors to Help Sell Your Home

Saturday, August 8th, 2015

Will new floors help sell your home? To be short – yes. Whether you are looking for a quick fix or to wanting to add value, new floors are an easy fix when putting your home on the market.

When deciding on what type of floors to put in your home, it’s always helpful to know what buyers are searching for. Trends are constantly changing, but it should come as no surprise the biggest preference in floors is hardwood flooring. Hardwood floors not only look beautiful but they also add value. Even laying hardwood floors in just the living room can help attract potential buyers.

Carpet is a great option for bedrooms.  According to Mass Real Estate News, “homeowners are split” on carpet in bedrooms, “slightly more than half prefer hardwood for the bedrooms and 44% prefer carpet”. Even if you have carpet in your bedrooms already, it’s a great idea to look into replacing it because “virtually all home buyers will NOT keep the carpet you have in your bedrooms”.  If nothing else, have your carpet professional cleaned; leaving dirty carpet in place can deter a sale.

Overall remember that new floors will spark interest for potential buyers and in most cases help sale your home. If you’re looking to sell your home and need a quote for new floors, visit us in Schertz or Universal City.

Contemporary Design For Your Home

Friday, June 19th, 2015

Most people associate the word “contemporary” with “modern”. While this may be true in some aspects, in terms of design contemporary and modern are quite different. According to ““contemporary” architecture and style is, literally, what is being created and produced right now. It is dynamic, meaning it’s constantly changing. It can be quite eclectic for this reason – contemporary style isn’t tied down to one specific style – it’s of the moment and borrows bits and pieces from a variety of styles and eras.” Where modern “is connected to the age of machination and is typically referred to of that of the 1920s-1950s.”

Here are some great tips to get the contemporary look in your home:

1. Light & Dark

Hickory Artesian Brunet - Armstrong Floors

Hickory Artesian Brunet – Armstrong Floors

One great way to get a contemporary look in your home is with juxtaposing light and dark. Many assume that putting dark floors in a room will make the home feel dark and cave-like, but from the picture above you can see that by mixing the dark floors with lighter cabinets and walls you can really open up a room.

2. Clean Slate

Eagle Rock - Armstrong Floors

Eagle Rock – Armstrong Floors

While contemporary decor seems to be mostly neutral color schemes, colorful paint and fun accessories are great ways to “keep in stride with the times” without making a major commitment to one style or color. To keep the style from looking to childish, a great idea is to do a neutral floor against your colorful walls.

3. Shabby Chic

Millwork Block - Armstrong Floors

Millwork Block – Armstrong Floors

A fun way to mix up contemporary design is to add some “shabby chic” elements to it. One example is with a farmhouse-look laminate. This laminate by Armstrong adds character to the room while the furniture and neutral paint scheme create an overall contemporary look.

No matter what your style, Champion Floors can help you find the perfect look to complete your home. For these and other great products visit Champion Floors in Schertz or Universal City!

Floors for Entertaining – Part 3

Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving so we figured we would wrap up our 3 part series on great floors for entertaining. In the past couple weeks we have given you two great flooring options: Alterna Tile and Karndean PVC. Armstrong’s luxury vinyl tile, Alterna, is very similar to tile and stone but is more comfortable underfoot, warmer, and easier to clean. Karndean PVC is a product is designed to look like hardwood or tile but is made out of polyvinyl chloride, a durable material that has been used as a floor covering for many years. Today we are taking on a classic floor covering choice that is great for entertaining: hardwood.

When it comes to hardwood floors there are so many great options, but one of our favorites is engineered hand-scraped hardwood. Southern Traditions hardwoods are prepared in the classic traditional American style, from uncompromising source wood selection to the final floor finish. They are painstakingly hand-crafted, one board at a time, by trained hardwood floor artisans, yet still priced affordably enough for those who appreciate fine quality.


We love engineered hand-scraped hardwood floors for entertaining purposes because they look amazing but also hide wear and tear very well. Hand-scraped hardwood floors are hand-crafted individually to give each board unique characteristics. What this means for you is that any dings or scratches you put in the floor will be easily camouflaged. Many people think that cleaning hardwood floors can be problematic, but as long as you sweep regularly and wipe up spills immediately you can have gorgeous floors that last forever.


We think that best part about hardwood floors is that they add so much value to your home. When doing a remodel many people think that changing the floors to anything new will help the resale value of their home, but it this isn’t always the case. Multiple surveys estimate that hardwood flooring can add as much as $7,000-10,000 to a home’s resale value.

Overall hardwood floors are gorgeous, hide wear and tear very well, add so much value to your home, and are PERFECT for entertaining!

To check out Southern Traditions and many other great hardwood floor options, or to schedule a complimentary measurement and estimate, visit Champion Floors in either Schertz or Universal City.

Floors for Entertaining – Part 1

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

The holidays are quickly approaching and while we know pumpkin pie and presents are on everyone’s minds, maybe it’s time to think about your floors. In this 3 part series we will talk about floors that are the most durable and great for entertaining.

Karndean PVC is a product is designed to look like hardwood or tile but is made out of polyvinyl chloride, a durable material that has been used as a floor covering for many years. Unlike the natural materials they replicate, PVC flooring products don’t crack or split, are warm and quiet underfoot, low maintenance and are easier and quicker to install. We love it because it comes in so many different styles and colors and really fits in any home.

Karndean - Summer Oak

Karndean – Summer Oak

Karndean PVC flooring is also resistant to spillages making them an ideal choice for use in kitchen and bathroom areas. Unlike many floors, Karndean PVC doesn’t have grime and dirt traps making it easier to clean! The enhanced surface treatment of PVC defends against those damages that can easily spoil the look of traditional floorings. Maintaining PVC is polish-free, greatly reducing both chemical and water usage (making it more environment friendly) compared to traditional maintenance routines.

Karndean - Jersey Limestone

Karndean – Jersey Limestone

Overall, Karndean PVC flooring is durable, easy to clean, and comes in a style that is sure to fit your decor! We think it’s a great choice to have in your home when entertaining during the holidays.
To check out PVC and other great products, or to schedule a complimentary measurement and estimate, visit Champion Floors in either Schertz or Universal City.

#FlashbackFriday Armstrong Floors in INNOVENTIONS at Epcot®

Friday, October 24th, 2014

Last year on Earth Day, a ground-breaking exhibit called The VISION House® opened in INNOVENTIONS at Epcot®. “The exhibit represents a modern 21st century home, designed with sustainable products and intelligent systems. Throughout the exhibit, children and adults are encouraged to consider how they can reduce their personal impact on the planet.”

It was recently brought to our attention that Armstrong Flooring is a proud sponsor of this exhibit and Armstrong hand-scraped hardwood floors are featured throughout the home. Although we are considering this a “Flashback Friday” because the exhibit opened last year, Armstrong floors are anything but out of date.

Armstrong Oak - Antique Brown

Armstrong Oak – Antique Brown

Armstrong began 150 years ago by recycling cork waste to make linoleum flooring for homes and is now the world’s largest hardwood flooring company. At Champion Floors we carry many Armstrong products including hardwood floors and their luxury vinyl tile, Alterna, so we found it very exciting that Armstrong is being featured in such an unique exhibit!

We hope that you will visit Champion Floors in either Schertz or Universal City to check out Armstrong products and the many other product lines that we carry.

For more fun facts and information about The VISION House® and how Armstrong is featured check out this link!

Flooring Trends: Rustic Hand-Scraped Hardwood

Friday, October 17th, 2014

Texture has become the new driver in interior design. It’s all about the stimulation of our senses in home decor – through materials, fabrics, and surfaces that offer visual and tactile interest. Rustic wood floors capture this trend beautifully. If you love the idea of a hardwood floor with an aged look, explore the options available for hand-scraped hardwoods and distressed hardwoods.

Hand-scraped hardwood boards, available in a variety of species like hickory, oak, maple, and birch, are individually scraped to create the hand-sculpted look from a bygone era. One of our favorites is the deeply rustic texture in the American Scrape Collection by Armstrong. Armstrong

Distressed hardwood boards have staining and distressing techniques applied to create the rustic, weathered look of naturally aged hardwoods. Each floor offers active graining and rich character marks like nail holes and burls, along with color washing, to emphasize the depth of the wood grain and evoke a nostalgic appeal.

To check out our rustic hand-scraped hardwood floors visit Champion Floors in either Schertz or Universal City.