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Archive for the ‘PVC’ Category

Floors for Entertaining – Part 1

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

The holidays are quickly approaching and while we know pumpkin pie and presents are on everyone’s minds, maybe it’s time to think about your floors. In this 3 part series we will talk about floors that are the most durable and great for entertaining.

Karndean PVC is a product is designed to look like hardwood or tile but is made out of polyvinyl chloride, a durable material that has been used as a floor covering for many years. Unlike the natural materials they replicate, PVC flooring products don’t crack or split, are warm and quiet underfoot, low maintenance and are easier and quicker to install. We love it because it comes in so many different styles and colors and really fits in any home.

Karndean - Summer Oak

Karndean – Summer Oak

Karndean PVC flooring is also resistant to spillages making them an ideal choice for use in kitchen and bathroom areas. Unlike many floors, Karndean PVC doesn’t have grime and dirt traps making it easier to clean! The enhanced surface treatment of PVC defends against those damages that can easily spoil the look of traditional floorings. Maintaining PVC is polish-free, greatly reducing both chemical and water usage (making it more environment friendly) compared to traditional maintenance routines.

Karndean - Jersey Limestone

Karndean – Jersey Limestone

Overall, Karndean PVC flooring is durable, easy to clean, and comes in a style that is sure to fit your decor! We think it’s a great choice to have in your home when entertaining during the holidays.
To check out PVC and other great products, or to schedule a complimentary measurement and estimate, visit Champion Floors in either Schertz or Universal City.

Gray: The New Beige

Sunday, December 22nd, 2013

Looking for a versatile color choice for your new floors? Why don’t you try out gray?

Gray is a neutral but is also very adaptable; you can pair gray with almost any color (try out gray and yellow for example). Gray is not overpowering but yet has the ability to change the entire look of a room. Whether you are trying to make a room look sleek and modern or classic and sophisticated gray floors are versatile for any look.

Gray is a perfect option for carpet, tile, PVC, and even wood. According to current flooring design trends (and our costumers) gray is the new beige. Stop by Champion Floors in Schertz or Universal City to check out all of our great gray products!


Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Another way to help a room looked balanced is to contrast patterns between walls and floors. For example if you have a wallpaper with a large print or design then it would be good to go with a small design for your floor(ex. small tiles, 3″planks,or carpet with small patterns). The opposite would work if you had a small intricate pattern on your wall.


Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

It is important that when you see a sample of a product of a color you like that you take it home before choosing it. Different light sources will make your flooring appear different. The direction your windows face, the size of your windows, and whether or not your home has incandescent light will all play a role in how your floor will look. This is why it is important to view your flooring selection in the same lighting that you have in your home.


Thursday, June 18th, 2009

Using the same type of flooring throughout several different rooms adds a sense of continuity to a home.  For example if you choose to do one bedroom in laminate it is a good idea to go ahead and try and do the rest of the bedrooms in laminate. Or if you choose to replace old vinyl with ceramic in a bathroom it’s a good idea to do this with all the bathrooms.  By doing this your house will feel more put together and organized.

Another Option

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

I just wanted to let everyone know about a product that a lot of customers haven’t heard of. It is PVC flooring. It is made to look like wood ( but also comes in tile designs) and comes in individual planks.  It glues straight down to the floor and is actually made out of the same material as your PVC pipes. This means that it won’t scratch and water or spills won’t hurt it at all. It comes in lots of colors and styles and it becoming a big seller. It’s a great alternative for people who want wood floors but have pets or children that may make messes that don’t get noticed right away.  They actually use this product in supercenters in the clothing sections because it is so durable. It might be something worth checking into when thinking about re-doing your floors.

Here is an example of a PVC wood floor