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Archive for October, 2014

#TileTuesday – Kitchen Backsplash

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

We have come to realize that there is now a hashtag for EVERYTHING. That being said, we have created #TileTuesday and will start to take the opportunity to talk about new tile trends on Tuesdays!

For our first #TileTuesday we are going to start with a cool trend for your kitchen wall: glass tile backsplashes. Glass tile backsplashes are a fun  and simple way to add color and style to your kitchen!

Daltile- Glass Horizons

Daltile- Glass Horizons

Turn to any home makeover show on TV these days and you’ll notice how big a role the backsplash plays when redesigning your kitchen. In the 1980’s, tile backsplash was limited to colorful floral or fruit and vegetable designs that really limited the look of the kitchen. Luckily, times have changed and the look of glass tile backsplash is completely versatile, attractive, and durable.

One fun aspect of glass backsplash tile is that you can mix up colors, textures, and sizes that are completely unique to you and your home. Some designs call for all glass, square tiles, while others call for rectangular tiles made of glass and natural stone. A few of our favorite tile backsplashes are Daltile-Glass Horizons and Daltile-Endeavors.

Daltile- Endeavors

Daltile- Endeavors

To check out these and other great tile products, or to schedule a complimentary measurement and estimate, visit Champion Floors in either Schertz or Universal City!

#FlashbackFriday Armstrong Floors in INNOVENTIONS at Epcot®

Friday, October 24th, 2014

Last year on Earth Day, a ground-breaking exhibit called The VISION House® opened in INNOVENTIONS at Epcot®. “The exhibit represents a modern 21st century home, designed with sustainable products and intelligent systems. Throughout the exhibit, children and adults are encouraged to consider how they can reduce their personal impact on the planet.”

It was recently brought to our attention that Armstrong Flooring is a proud sponsor of this exhibit and Armstrong hand-scraped hardwood floors are featured throughout the home. Although we are considering this a “Flashback Friday” because the exhibit opened last year, Armstrong floors are anything but out of date.

Armstrong Oak - Antique Brown

Armstrong Oak – Antique Brown

Armstrong began 150 years ago by recycling cork waste to make linoleum flooring for homes and is now the world’s largest hardwood flooring company. At Champion Floors we carry many Armstrong products including hardwood floors and their luxury vinyl tile, Alterna, so we found it very exciting that Armstrong is being featured in such an unique exhibit!

We hope that you will visit Champion Floors in either Schertz or Universal City to check out Armstrong products and the many other product lines that we carry.

For more fun facts and information about The VISION House® and how Armstrong is featured check out this link!

Flooring Trends: Rustic Hand-Scraped Hardwood

Friday, October 17th, 2014

Texture has become the new driver in interior design. It’s all about the stimulation of our senses in home decor – through materials, fabrics, and surfaces that offer visual and tactile interest. Rustic wood floors capture this trend beautifully. If you love the idea of a hardwood floor with an aged look, explore the options available for hand-scraped hardwoods and distressed hardwoods.

Hand-scraped hardwood boards, available in a variety of species like hickory, oak, maple, and birch, are individually scraped to create the hand-sculpted look from a bygone era. One of our favorites is the deeply rustic texture in the American Scrape Collection by Armstrong. Armstrong

Distressed hardwood boards have staining and distressing techniques applied to create the rustic, weathered look of naturally aged hardwoods. Each floor offers active graining and rich character marks like nail holes and burls, along with color washing, to emphasize the depth of the wood grain and evoke a nostalgic appeal.

To check out our rustic hand-scraped hardwood floors visit Champion Floors in either Schertz or Universal City.

From Unsightly Shag to Fabulous Frieze!

Friday, October 10th, 2014

Yesterday we took you back to the trends of the seventies with bold linoleum floors and shag carpet. Today we are going to show you how those types of floors are still relevant today (believe it or not!).

Frieze carpet is the modern-day shag carpet and is quickly rising in popularity. Frieze is durable and the unique shaggy look of the carpet actually contributes to its durability. You might not know that the strongest part of a strand of carpet is the side of the strand. When a fiber is standing straight up (like on most carpet you see) the impact of foot traffic occurs directly on top; when you have a frieze this impact occurs on the side which helps the carpet withstand wear. If you aren’t ready to commit to an entire room of frieze carpet a great alternative is a frieze area rug.

One of our favorite friezes is from the Tuftex Collection by Shaw

Another floor we looked at yesterday was linoleum floor made from vinyl. Let me tell you, vinyl has come a longggg way. One of the best products on the market is luxury vinyl tile such as Alterna Tile by Armstrong. In the seventies vinyl v was loud and colorful, these days vinyl is made to look exactly like tile or hardwood. It really is incredible! Luxury vinyl tile is softer than ceramic tile, stands up to pets and spills, and is made to last. Luxury vinyl tile won’t be damaged by water or moisture, which makes it a perfect choice for a kitchen or bathroom.

One great option in luxury vinyl tile is Alterna by Armstrong Cuarzo in Pearl Gray

Vinyl and shag have changed so much in the past 40 years and we are loving these new trends! Visit our Champion Floors locations in Schertz or Universal City to see these and other great products.

1970s Flooring #ThrowbackThursday

Thursday, October 9th, 2014

Today we are going to take a trip back, back, back into time. Imagine 8-Track tape players and bell bottoms, pet rocks and Trans Ams…

That’s right, for today’s #ThrowbackThursday we are going to remember the flooring trends of the 1970s.

There are two notable types of floors from the seventies: linoleum and shag carpet.

Shag carpet was a one of the most popular floors to have in the 1970s. From living rooms and bedrooms, to bathrooms and the occasional van, shag carpet was all the rage. Surprisingly enough, technology actually played a huge role in the flooring trends of the seventies.  The transition from black and white television to color television allowed people to see colorful carpet (for the first time) in TV homes like The Brady Bunch. Wanting to fall in line with the trends they were seeing on TV, consumers jumped at the idea of loud patters and crazy colors in their homes. Also, technology allowed shag carpet to transition from being 100% polyester to 100% nylon which was much more aesthetically pleasing.

Another “must have floor” for kitchens, bathrooms, and even family rooms in the seventies was linoleum made with vinyl. No-wax floors available in loud patterns were a popular choice among the consumers of the seventies. Popular linoleum color choices were anything from earth tones (browns, greens, and golds) to bright yellows, reds, and blues.

While flooring from the 1970s might seem extremely outdated (let’s be honest, some of the colors are pretty hideous), vinyl floors and shag carpeting are actually still popular choices. “How can that be?”, you might ask. Well stay tuned because tomorrow we will explore how these styles are still fashionable today!

Everything is Bigger in Texas (and Flooring!)

Monday, October 6th, 2014

Flooring trends are constantly changing and 2014 has been the year of making things BIGGER! Larger tiles and wider hardwood planks are making a huge statement this year and we are loving it!

12×12″ tile has always been a popular tile choice and for many years was the one-size-fits-all floor for consumers looking to change up a bathroom or kitchen, but this is no longer the case! These days we have tiles that are 18×18″, 20×20″, and even 24×24″. Most would think that large tiles are only good for large spaces, but larger tiles mean fewer grout lines which can actually help a smaller room look larger. It is also fun to mix and match different size tiles!

Another neat take on wide-plank hardwood is Variable-width hardwood floors. From what we have seen, many homeowners and designers are mixing flooring planks of different widths to achieve a custom look. One of our favorite Variable-width floors is Lakeside-Buchanan Birch by Southern Traditions. This floor mixes 3″ 5″ 7″ boards to create a look that is unique and timeless.

While designing trends come and go, we think the larger tiles and hardwood planks are here to stay! Visit our Champion Floors locations in Schertz or Universal City to see these and other great products (large and small).