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Show Your Love for Small Buisness Saturday

The holidays are rapidly approaching and while you might be busy planning your Thanksgiving Feast or scanning the newspaper for Black Friday Ads, there is one thing that you should keep in mind, shopping small. Don’t get me wrong I love big brand stores as much as the next person, but shopping at locally owned small businesses can do so much more for you. While there are hundreds of reasons to shop small, let me tell three reasons why Small Business Saturday should become your favorite day to shop.  Fb_Timeline_love

  1. It’s Friendly – Odds are when you shop at a locally owned small business you will deal directly with the owner. This proximity means that customer service is more personalized and hands on. Small businesses value their customers and do whatever it takes to ensure that their customers are happy.
  2. Product Expertise- I’m not saying that big box stores don’t have experts that work for them, but when you shop small you know you will get an expert opinion. Local merchants know their products well and they are eager to help you make the best purchasing decision. A small business’s expertise is their livelihood and they want to share their knowledge to make their customers happy.
  3. Helps The Local Economy – The biggest and most important reason that you should shop small is to help the local economy. For example, $73 of every $100 spent at locally-owned businesses remains in our local economy where $43 of every $100 spent at large national brands remains in our local community. Many small businesses also support local causes, schools, and churches which strengthens our community.

So pull out your tent and sleeping bag and camp in front of your favorite big store on Black Friday, but then wake up on Saturday, November 28 and support your local economy by shopping on Small Business Saturday. Champion Floors is proud to be a small business in such a wonderful community!

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