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PVC Plank & Tile


Some of our PVC Manufacturers:   

"A great alternative for people who want wood floors but have pets that might have accidents."

P.V.C. Plank Wood Look


Tough as nails.

Very moisture resistant.

Dent resistant.

Hard to tell that its not real wood!

P.V.C Plank VS. Wood & Laminate Products


No pad needed like a laminate.

Quieter than a laminate.

Better resistant to moisture than a laminate

Doesn't require expensive wood moldings and transitions.

Does not require saws and special equipment to install


And YES we do install this product!

P.V.C. Ceramic Tile Look


Imagine a tile that can be installed with glue, not thinset and grouted the same day the tile goes down.


Grout strips are 36'' PVC strips usually 3/16" & 1/4" width.

Just place them in between the tiles!

Tile won't crack
Dirt doesn't collect on grout. No tedious grout line cleaning!
Warmer than ceramic.


Karndean Tile has a great, easy to take care of finish.

Stop by today to see our PVC ceramic tile collection.





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